For CFO's Only

According to the latest 2016 survey of CFOs, controlling health care costs is one of the top three issues for 2016. Uncertainty surrounding ongoing healthcare claims and hidden health risks in your population make budgeting unpredictable and surprises can hurt the bottom line.

There are specific ways, through a rigorous process, to treat medical insurance/medical costs just like any other product in the supply chain. We assist you to increase your EBITA, increase the CERTAINTY of what your medical spend will be, and ENHANCE your employees’ benefits experience. We take NO commission for your medical, but rather charge a fee where a portion is not guaranteed. That non-guaranteed portion is based upon meeting our mutually agreed to goal (usually of decreasing the medical spend).

Qualified organizations can expect to add $1,000+ per employee per year to their bottom line by following our process.

Is it worth 15 - 20 minutes to find out whether this is right for you?