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These plans now include: 3 cleanings per calendar year! And Major services include bridges, crowns, dentures and implants that are covered immediately. There’s a 1 year rate guarantee and a choice of $1200, $2000 or $3000 annual maximums per person and optional vision insurance. There’s no waiting periods for all services including Major. Our Spirit dental plan now also includes a discount prescription card and discount Hearing services too. (The Careington PPO plan includes child ortho benefits as well). A carry over credit to eliminate the lower first year benefit is available.



Magnum Dental Insurance Plans are a key element in protecting you and your families health Families who visit the dentist on a regular basis for checkups take better care of their overall health than families that do not. Dental insurance reduces the cost of maintaining a healthy smile and mouth.



HumanaOne offers affordable health insurance coverage for individuals and families, such as self-employed entrepreneurs, students, recent college graduates, and early retirees, and those who may be uninsured.



Our mission is to improve the health of the people we serve. At Anthem, we believe the best health care coverage can actually help people stay healthy. That's why we go beyond simply providing health care coverage.

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Consistent dental care is essential to your well-being. With Delta Dental, you can have the options you want and need, including plans for children, families and adults. And because we're part of the nation's largest network, your favorite dentist most likely participates in our Network. Make your future a brighter one with dental insurance coverage - designed for you.

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Our goal at VSP is to help people see by providing affordable access to high-quality eye care and eyewear. An individual or family vision insurance plan from VSP typically saves you hundreds of dollars on your exams and glasses.



Protecting your eyes starts with having routine eye exams. With Direct Vision you’ll be covered for one routine eye exam per year - starting on day one of your coverage!


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